[10 June 2009] Myolie pushes the model away

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[10 June 2009] Myolie pushes the model away Empty [10 June 2009] Myolie pushes the model away

Post by XREDXR on Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:11 pm

Yesterday, Myolie was filming her new MV with a mixed blood male model, Hale. In the midst of filming, the male model added in his own parts and was touchy towards Myolie, holding her waist and touching her shoulders, asked if she got a shock? Myolie said awkwardly: "maybe foreigners are more warm!" Dentists in Denton Texas calgary qr code services

Myolie went to Macau Golden sand Hotel to film her new song "Love Delusion" MV yesterday and the male lead in her MV is a 6 feet tall Japanese man, Hale. Director requested that both of them walked past each other, back to back.

Felt that something is not right

But, when they were filming, Hale suddenly added in his own parts, and became very warm. First, lightly touching her shoulder, and hold her waist. Feeling that something is not right, seeing the circumstances, Myolie pushed away the male model. After filming,she quickly walked away awkwardly.

After the incident, Myolie expressed that she didn't know that he suddenly added in some parts, asked if she felt awkward? She said: " a little, but before that, he chatted with me, and said that he dreams to be a director, maybe he wants to make the MV better. He didn't go very overboard, maybe foreigners are more warm!" (Are you afraid that Bosco will be jealous?) "haha... only doing my job." (Next time, will ask him (male modeL) again to be the male lead?) "most probably not, see the company's arrangement."

Carefully picked boyfriend

Although Myolie was frightened by Hale, but she generously praised that he is good looking: "he is a Japanese, mixed blood, really quite good looking," (Have you ever been pursued by foreigners?) " last time, when i was schooling overseas, been pursued before, but now when i choose a boyfriend, i won't look only at the appearance, must have inner appearance, character and the desire to do better."

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