operation were on the downed helicopter.

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 operation were on the downed helicopter. Empty operation were on the downed helicopter.

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Nato's worst Afghan moments

* 6 April 2005 - Chinook crash in Ghazni province kills 15 US soldiers and three civilian contractors
* 28 June 2005 - 16 US troops killed when Taliban bring down Chinook in Kunar province
* 16 August 2005 - 17 Spanish soldiers die when Cougar helicopter crashes near Herat
* 5 May 2006 - 10 US soldiers die after Chinook crashes east of Kabul
* 2 Sept 2006 - 14 UK personnel killed when RAF Nimrod explodes following mid-air refuelling
* 18 August 2008 - 10 French soldiers killed in Taliban ambush east of Kabul
* 6 August 2011 - 31 US special forces and seven Afghan soldiers killed in Chinook crash

Source: BBC and news agencies

"The president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expresses his sympathy and deep condolences to US President Barack Obama and the family of the victims," the statement from President Karzai said.

President Obama, too, issued a statement paying tribute to the Americans and Afghans who died in the crash.

"We will draw inspiration from their lives, and continue the work of securing our country and standing up for the values that they embodied. We also mourn the Afghans who died alongside our troops in pursuit of a more peaceful and hopeful future for their country," the statement said.

Reports say more than 20 of the US dead were Navy Seals.

A US military source has confirmed to the BBC that they were from Seal Team Six - the same unit which killed Bin Laden in Pakistan in May.
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Who are the Navy Seals?

* 2,500 US Navy special forces
* They carry out Sea, Air and Land operations, hence their name
* Origins lie in World War II
* Involved in Vietnam, Panama, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen
* Team Six is elite group officially known as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group
* Team Six based near Virginia Beach, members usually have five years of experience, part of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC )

* The team that killed Bin Laden

However, US officials have told both they BBC and AP they do not believe that any of those who took part in the Bin Laden operation were on the downed helicopter.

The size of Team Six, an elite unit within the Seals, which is officially called the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, is not known.

Several air force personnel, a dog and his handler, a civilian interpreter, and the helicopter crew were also on board, AP reports.

The Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said it was mounting an operation to recover the helicopter and find out why

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