[2 February 2009] Myolie Wu Sings Her New Song 'Romantic Century'

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[2 February 2009] Myolie Wu Sings Her New Song 'Romantic Century'

Post by psycho 0805 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:04 pm

Nancy Sit Leads The Pack For A Visit To Singapore, Myolie Wu Sings Her New Song 'Romantic Century' [Source: 金鹰娱乐]
Four popular TVB stars, Nancy Sit, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma and Fala Chen, were earlier invited to attend the Chinese New Year promotional event by Singapore's paid cable television channel, Starhub. They specially came to wish an early Chinese New Year to the local audience, and at the same time, promote TVB dramas. Other than showcasing their singing abilities, they even played games with the fans and gave out gifts, bringing the Chinese New Year happiness atmosphere to Singapore.
The foursome's recent dramas were very popular in Singapore. Many drama fans got wind of the idols' arrival to Singapore, and went to the shopping mall early to queue up, hoping to be able to get a view of the idols. The shopping mall was even crowded with many people! When the TVB artistes had just arrived, it immediately drew the screams and cheers from all the fans, and the cameras were flashing non-stop. All four stars were touched by the enthusiasm and passion from the local fans, and greeted them with sincere smiles.
Myolie, whom came from the Miss HK, was both in acting and singing. On the first day, she was the first one to perform and sang her new song, Romantic Century. Her pleasant vocals won everyone's applauses. The drama which she was a main lead in, WOIL2, was broadcasting on the cable television - in it, Myolie and Liza Wang continued to bicker as mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law. Her comedic performance even got her support from many drama fans. Myolie revealed that both Tai Chi and When Dogs Love Cats will air in Singapore in February and April, and fans will be able to view another side of her acting by then.

薛家燕领军访狮城 胡杏儿献唱新曲《浪漫世纪》
2009年02月02日15:00  来源:金鹰娱乐 
金鹰娱乐讯 四位TVB红星薛家燕、胡杏儿、马国明及陈法拉早前(一月十七至十八日)应邀出席新加坡有线电视台星和视界举办的贺年活动“星和迎春献瑞”,专程向当地观众提早拜年,同时宣传TVB剧集。四人除了一展歌喉,落力献唱,更与粉丝玩游戏、派礼物,把农历新年喜气洋洋的气氛带到新加坡。

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