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Checklist For Your Foreign Investment   Empty Checklist For Your Foreign Investment

Post by diepvien on Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:48 am

The requirements of checklist for your foreign investment are registration certificate, owners' consent, project development report, techno-economic feasibility study, ecological impact assessment, entrepreneurship, financing, marketing and business plan, locality diagram, registration of the company for the sake of incorporation.

Registration certificate is essential and it is obtained in the investment and trade bureau office that is situated at Victoria parade. They are responsible for the purpose of granting, conducting and operating the business for the sake of inducing foreign investment.

Owners' consent to the tune of sixty percent of landowners over the period of twenty-one years and expecting a fair and equitable return is also necessary. The board would have consultations with them for a smooth transition of taking over their land for the purposes of the business.

Your plan is to develop the project development report. The board will show you as well as welcome you with a site plan including impression of its artistic styles to encourage you to select the site out of the choices offered to you.

Techno-economic feasibility study is a must. Mainly you have to set up the company structure, association, shareholders as well as proposals that you might have been offering. The benefits of the owners are securing tradition, custom and culture. Securing participation in the industry with tourists for local people and securing good return from leasing their own land that is involved in the project. In the industry, tourist training is necessary for landowners.

The project development is anticipated for the purpose of protection as well as blending with the environmental area. Normally this is done when you obtain the important agreements from the agencies that are approved. Also clearances from pollution control board are also required for the purposes of carrying on the business that may involve setting up of a plant in future.

You should clearly mention all the details regarding your company with its background, so that they can understand well. This would enable and emboldened the consideration for the purpose of submission of proposals for development. The proposals are meant fairly as well as in a better manner judiciously for project purposes.

Sufficient financing details are necessary for your project like bankers sources, financing sources and other sources if any to become a referee of yours. It enables a comparison of similar project costs to arrive at a comprehensive and macro view of your business costs related to the project. Five year financial statements of the company needed for the purposes of project financing over a period of different development stages from the initial stage to operational stage. This is done for executing business plan by involving various facets of marketing and finance strategies in a planned and methodical manner.

Locality diagram is must for the purposes of showing the area where you have started your company. They also require registration certificate copies of incorporation of the company along with the structure of shareholdings as well as Board of directors' names. The approval for planning physically would require approval from country and town planning, Director. There is also necessity of taking central bank's approval and ministry of tourism. The requisite fees for processing and documentation including application for the purposes of complying with all the formalities of registration and investment are applicable. This related to a company for acquiring business in another country including the compliance of transfer of copyright laws for governing transfer fee if required.

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