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[22 August 2008] Myolie said that she is not a beautiful woman

Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:05 pm by linnette_zj

Credits: myoliewu.org, http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/8385

[08/08/22 新聞] 前言不對後語‧胡杏兒自嘲非美女 (光明日報)

Myolie entered the industry as one of the winners from Miss Hongkong but she expressed that she is not a beautiful woman. This statement caused the reporters to break into a discussion. When reporters asked why she said that, she replied with an awkward shy smile: "A person must be humble. Although i have entered the industry from joining Miss Hong Kong, but i wasn't the champion. I am not the prettiest."

Myolie Wu was the second runner of Miss Hong Kong 1999. The winner was Sonijia Kwok. When Myolie said that she is not pretty, it seems to be rather contradicting. She expressed awkwardly that a person should be humble, "i'm not the prettiest, but i'm not considered ugly too. Although i entered the industry from joining Miss Hong Kong, but i am not the champion. Winning the third position, i know that i'm not the super pretty woman kind."

As the spokesperson of Adonis, Myolie is invited to Malaysia to attend the finals of Miss Adonis contest. At the press conference, Adonis representative, Ann Lee emphasized that the competition is not for choosing the prettiest but choosing the one who has changed to become pretty. Is she saying that Myolie isn't a pretty lady?

Upon hearing, Myolie laughed and said: "Whether i am a pretty lady or not, doesn't matter, only need to allow myself to become prettier will do."

Myolie is very satisfied with the pay (pay by Adonis for attending this function i think) and when asked how many figures is her pay this time, she expressed that the most important thing is happy working together. And her manager will be the one helping her to obtain a reasonable pay. Everyone doesn't need to worry.

Myolie has a short hair style. She is currently rushing for BF 3 filming and the filming will be done in one month time Asked for her opinions on her co-stars Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng, she expressed that she likes both. In addition, Myolie is currently preparing and recording for her solo cantonese album. She hopes to have a chance to sing chinese song because this is one of her wish.

Recently, the last episode of 'When a dog loves a cat' was shown late at night due to the Olympics. In the scene where Myolie realised that Gallen hasn't died, she found him behind a pillar in the hospital, and she was seen "floating" into the scene. This caused many audience to be unhappy. When asked about this, Myolie expressed that she doesn't know about this news,she needs to read the news first before she can respond.

The organiser of the function announced that the press conference will commenced at 2.30pm. Reporters arrived at the location and were informed that the press conference will start at 3.45pm. Myolie arrived at 3.30pm and was immediately invited to mix around with the organisers, talking about facial care. Hence, reporters waited at the location and was given a free lesson on facial care before the interview started.


Original Text:



以愛美雅(ADONIS)代言人身份來馬的胡杏兒,主要是出席愛美雅變美比賽總決賽。在記者會上,愛美雅首席執行人員Ann Lee強調這場活動不是選美,而是選出改造美女,言下之意亦指胡杏兒不是美女?


胡杏兒十分滿意這一次的酬勞,至於酬勞的數位字 ,她四兩撥千金表示最重要是合作開心,而經紀公司會幫她爭取合理的酬勞,大家毋需擔心。




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